Friday, November 25, 2011

Market 338

What an eventful weekend!! where should I start? can I comment on how fabulous the weather is?? IT'S GORGEOUS! anyways..

We had the greatest pleasure of joining Al-Riwaq's Market 338, first of all we would like to thank them for holding such an amazing event! we had so much fun<3 the atmosphere was filled with fun vibes and great music. Block 338 is definitely the IT place to be on weekends, mingling with friends enjoying the excellent food in Al-Riwaq's very own cafe.

They also have the sweetest staff and an amazing team that helped make this event successful, one member of the team was so encouraging he bought one of our T-shirts and totally rocked it the next day ;p

And this is our booth!

<3 <3 <3

Our Best Seller 
7abtaiiiiiin B)

We were so happy with all our new customers! and we had so much fun interacting with them and listening to their feedbacks and watching their reactions<3 
We were especially amazed at the amount of nationalities that were interested in our   T-shirts, honestly it was very rewarding to see not only regional customers giggling at the sight of Prince Charming or 7abtain or wowing at the Mirtahsha and the Bisht, apparently it was attractive even to an international crowd WOHOOO! xP 

Thank you all, we love you <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where to find ARABULOUS?

Hey guys, I know we should've mentioned this earlier but things are moving really fast and we're trying to keep up with time and daily events etc. ANYWAYS so you can find our T-shirts sold in Al-Aali Mall in Manama, first floor in a lovely little chocolate shop called Bon Bon <3

Our Display Window ^_^

Yes as you can see, we just started our little design company. Originally we came up with the T-shirt idea back in college, and we pursued it as any other project, but one day we decided to take these designs and print them on actual T-shirts! So technically we're still in the beginning stages :P But we're having so much fun Il7mdillah<3

And with all that lovely chocolate surrounding you, you can't help but indulge in a few of them maybe a couple? or more!! :D